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Civility: The Key to a Peaceful DivorceRecently, Huffington Post shared a crowd-sourced list of the 10 crucial questions to ask before deciding to file for divorce. In the short listing, there were some really good responses, including these gems:

  • Do I honestly see myself spending the rest of my life with this person as my companion?;
  • Is staying together more harmful than good?;
  • Am I capable of taking the high road in this divorce?; and
  • Have I truly exhausted every effort to try and make it work?

But among the questions, one really stood out for us:

What’s the most civil way I can go about this divorce, for myself and the kids?

Filing divorce papers has an unfortunate stigma attached to it this day and age. Too many people look at the process as naturally combative. That’s why the first reaction of many is to attain a lawyer.

If you foresee heavy conflict and an inability to talk to your spouse about even the most minor of differences, then it’s a good idea to hire an attorney. But far too often, people use this as their default, even when they’re very capable of working through differences on their own.

What To Do Instead

Sit down with your spouse and make a list of the points of contention that you have with one another. Obviously, the fewer you have, the easier it will be; still, the existence of conflict alone is not a good enough reason to launch in to a costly and painful divorce.

Once you’ve had the dialogue with each other, you will have a much better picture of where you both stand and how each of you will act if you decide to move forward with the divorce forms.

By utilizing our service, you can reduce the amount of filing time to less than one hour and the cost by one-third or more. But you’ll never know if it’s the right option until you can sit and have a conversation with your spouse about the future of your divorce case.

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