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Divorce Revenge: Why You Should Avoid It at All CostsDivorce revenge is a very natural desire in the healing process, especially when your anger is justified. But it gets unnatural when you follow through on it by doing some of the actions these people did. Not only will it do nothing to improve your current situation, it could also get you arrested. It’s always better to do a cheap divorce and move on with your life.

1. Man Fills Woman’s Hot Tub With Manure

Just this week, 64-year-old Rene Daniel, found out he would be getting a divorce after his wife had filed without telling him. He responded in the way any (non) rational person would: by hooking a bunch of manure to his tractor, driving over to the house, and filling up her hot tub with manure. When police arrived, he attempted to flee the scene, but again, he was on a TRACTOR.

2. Man Splits Everything With His Wife, Literally

A Cambodian man and woman, after 40 years of marriage, decided to call it quits, and instead of learning how to file for divorce through the court system, he decided to move all his belongings to one side of the house and saw the structure in two. We’re not even sure how that’s logistically possible, but he did it. And after he was through, his “half” of the house was moved to his parents’ property, where we presume, he’s still living in it. Needless to say, moving on with one’s life is a little hard to do when you’ve got a sawn-in-two house to worry about.

3. Divorce Revenge, eBay Style

In 2008, an Australian woman decided to get her revenge by auctioning off artifacts from her husband’s affair on eBay. Contents of the auction: a “humongous”-sized woman’s undergarment and an empty condom wrapper, “size small.” We’re not sure how that one turned out, being that eBay doesn’t allow the sale of used undergarments. We’re pretty sure those who know the woman best, however, will now always see her as “crazy eBay lady,” and since the ‘Net remembers everything, that means she’ll always be tied to her ex in some way.

Do you think these couples would have been better served to go the do it yourself divorce route and let go of the anger, or is a little divorce revenge acceptable?

One thought on “Divorce Revenge: 3 Cases That Show Why You Should Avoid It At All Costs

  1. Brad Caldwell

    These are some pretty crazy stories. They are actually kind of funny thinking what people would do when faced with such a situation. It is however, kind of dangerous and must be avoided before someone gets hurt.


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