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Tips for Selling Your Wedding RingWhen faced with divorce papers and their immediate aftermath, one of the many things you’ll need to confront that may not occur to you right away is what to do with the wedding ring. While some may want to hold on to it in hopes of reconciliation and others may simply want to pitch it into a lake, we suggest doing your best to unload it on an actual buyer. But how do you sell around the stigma that comes with a used wedding ring? It’s not always easy, but if you follow these tips, you’ll come out a little better than if you didn’t.

First: Emotionally Prepare.
Your ring is a symbol of the hope that you once had before you or your spouse decided to file for divorce. Even though you may feel strong enough to rid yourself of it, there will be an unexpected flood of emotions that crop up when the idea of selling becomes a reality. After all, as long as you still have the ring, you have some proof that the marriage still exists. Worse, you have a deceptive reminder of the happiness you once shared. Let these feelings wash over you, but dig down past the sentimentality and remind yourself that it’s merely a symbol. It’s no longer real, and the longer you hold on to it, the harder recovery will become. Be aware of the challenge and the need to push through it.
Secondly: Be Willing To Take Less.
Selling jewelry can be incredibly difficult for the individual. Most people prefer to buy from established dealers so there is no question of the quality. Furthermore, if the buyer actually knows the story of why you’re trying to get rid of it, superstition is liable to kick in. Finally, the sale of your wedding ring should be more about healing and less about cash-grab. That’s why we suggest expediency over profitability.
Thirdly: Avoid The Details If Possible.
We’ll admit: to think that a used piece of jewelry somehow dooms a marriage from the very beginning is the height of childish stupidity. Marriages end in divorce forms for far more logical reasons than a curse. Nevertheless, that’s what you’re up against when selling a used wedding ring. If you can shield the buyer from the story behind why you’re selling, then you may be able to pick up more in the transaction. Of course, you should not blatantly lie to the person willing to consider buying the ring, but if it doesn’t come up, why mention it?
Finally: Use Classifieds — Both Online And Local.
Buyers who can meet you at a coffee shop and see the ring for themselves, are more willing to pay closer to what the ring is worth. Using an online auction site could also result in a heftier return, or it may not. It all depends on presentation. The one thing we do like about the online auction route through sites like eBay: you can stick to a “just the facts” approach and put forth a great presentation without getting into the backstory.

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