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Four Ways to Know a Relationship is OverRelationships can alter many facets of our lifestyle. From social life to health issues who we spend our time with the most can understandably shape the way we view ourselves and our surroundings. Often times we become dependent on the comforts of consistency a relationship or marriage can bring. This can have both positive and negative effects. In a lot of cases we become blind to something that is actually hurting us; thinking by taking this person out of our life would have catastrophic consequences. Here are some prominent signs to know when you may need to change your current relationship status.

No Desire to Be Around One Another

If either spouse has an innate negative feeling about consistently spending time together, that is a pretty decent sign that the wheels are falling off and divorce forms area possibility in your future.  Sometimes when it finally reaches this point it can be to the relief of both sides.  If you hate spending time with someone, the chances are likely that you aren’t exactly a blast to hang around yourself.  As in any war of attrition, there are no clear winners.  Sometimes the first step can be the most daunting to take, especially when it comes to ending a significant or long term relationship.

Unwillingness or Inability to Meet Each Other’s Needs

Every person has needs in some form or another.  Hopefully, you and your spouse had a very solid idea of what those needs were when you entered into the marriage.  If despite repeated, clear statements tell you continually have conversations and arguments about needs not being met with both sides, chances are there is a deeper problem lurking. This could be as simple as growing incompatible over time; people change along with what the feel and need.  The main point is that if you can’t exist in an everyday relationship where comprises aren’t battled over tooth and nail, it might be time to consider separation for couples and possible divorce for marriages.

The needs, wants, comprises in a relationship also have to be logically defined. The sometimes absurd behaviors in a long-term complacent relationship can become common place to those within the toxic environment. These can range from not having the emotional capacity to meet the other person’s needs, to having absurd “needs”, like “needing” to drive a Bentley, despite the gross annual income of the household being $24,000 a year.  These unrealistic demands do not have to be financially motivated, though.  Instead, they can be contradictory statements, like, “I need my space,” followed an hour later by, “You never spend any time with me.”  For people of this nature, there simply is no way that a healthy person can meet those kinds of delusional needs.


When one or both spouses no longer have respect for the other, and there is no desire to regain that respect (or even establish it in the first place), then it might be time to rethink your relationship or marriage.  This is, of course, assuming that the matter has been brought up explicitly and repeatedly.  Sometimes we do not realize that we are being disrespectful. If the matter was made verbal, in clear and unmistakable words like, “You do not respect me,” or “That is completely disrespectful,” and yet the cycle of disrespect continues to manifest itself in your daily life, it could be a clear sign that a divorce is the answer.

It’s A Question of Trust…

Whether or not your marriage crumbles to dust depends on your ability to trust your spouse.  It is an uncomfortable feeling, but the reality is that if you don’t trust your significant other, then you probably shouldn’t be with them in the first place.  A lot of times the genesis of the issue stems from within ourselves. Being comfortable and confident in your own skin will alleviate notions of potential codependency.

For better or worse, building trust requires that you allow people to be in situations where they have the ability to violate that trust.  If your spouse gets mad every time you leave the house, it may be time to leave that relationship.

In the end there are many elements that go into what makes either a successful or toxic relationship. Three often cited elements when in a happy relationships are communication, trust, and respect.  However unpopular though, often times the answer that people do not want to accept is separation and possible divorce. If you already have enough stress in your life MyDivorcepapers can help you navigate through the complex parts of the Divorce process.

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