Divorce Process

Important considerations to make before considering a divorce.

Are you ready to start the process of Filing for Divorce?

We realize the decision to file for divorce is not one that comes easy. If you have decided that your marriage is irrevocably broken and there is no chance for reconcilliation, these are the steps that need to be undertaken to get started in filing your divorce papers. The directions are clear and concise. Simply answer the questions, print, and file the necessary documents at your local courthouse. Our easy to follow guides will tell you everything you need to know to file for divorce in your state. Additional answers to state-specific divorce questions can be found on our state divorce pages located at the bottom of the page. 

To order your online divorce papers:

First ensure that you qualify for online divorce forms by clicking the Start Now button or Click Here to See if you qualify for Online Divorce . Once qualified, simply register and order our online divorce kit. 

Fill out our Online Questionairre with the appropriate information:

Your online divorce papers are easy to fill out with the instructions clearly provided for each set. Answer all of the questions thoroughly and truthfully. You can save your progress every step of the way. Once you have provided all of the information, you are ready to get started with the divorce filing process.

Save, Download, and Print Out Your Forms:

Once you have completed the online questionairre, simply download the file to your computer. Your file will contain all of the divorce forms that you need. Simply print them out and file with your local courthouse. Delivery options are available.

Serve the divorce papers served by an authorized third party or the courts.

After filing at your courthouse, follow the instructions included in the packet for serving the other person one of the copies of the divorce papers. You are done and have successfully started towards filing for divorce.


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  • My Divorce Steps

  • 1. Create an account:

    Simply register online, pay the small fee, gather your papers and ready to get a divorce.

  • 2. Answer the Questions:

    Answer each of the questions we will ask you and the forms will be completed for you.

  • 3. File the Documents:

    Print our state approved completed forms, and file the divorce forms in the court.

  • Why Choose for your online divorce?

  • All State Approved Forms
  • Help Starting Over
  • Marriage Settlement Agreement
  • Court Approved Forms
  • Simple Divorce Interview
  • Forms Completed online
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Apr 14, 2014
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