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Hillary Clinton Was Asked How She Forgave InfidelityIn a recent interview with Jenni Murray of BBC 4 radio, Hillary Clinton opened up a little about why she didn’t decide to file for divorce after discovering her husband — then President Bill Clinton’s — infidelity.

This was her response.

“Well that is something we have certainly moved beyond and our country has moved beyond,” Clinton said. “I have wished her well but it’s important to stay focused on what’s happening in the here and now.”

Murray didn’t let the potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate off so easy.

How Could Hillary Forgive Bill?

To Murray’s question of how the former First Lady was able to forgive her husband and avoid the divorce papers, Clinton had this to say: “Forgiveness is a choice. And I fully respect those who don’t make that choice, for whatever reason, in their personal or their professional lives but for me it was absolutely the right choice. For me, it is something that is incredibly difficult but I am grateful everyday that that’s the choice that I made and I’ve counseled others to see if in their own hearts they can also do that.”

Expanding on the idea of religion being the right choice, Clinton added: “But it’s not by accident the great religions, the great writers talk about how the person who forgives is liberated, maybe even more than the person who is forgiven.” So far, the Clintons have been going strong since news of the affair broke. And while it’s not yet certain Hillary Clinton will run for the White House in two years, this will likely be a non-factor in her electability.

Could You Forgive Infidelity?

Each year, infidelity is the reason many couples file divorce forms. Once the trust is broken, it’s hard to get back. But Hillary’s right on one thing: if it’s recoverable, forgiveness is where it starts. Do you think you could forgive infidelity, or have you already? How were you able to do it? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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