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Divorce Can Benefit Children

Divorce Can Benefit ChildrenMuch is made over how children are affected when their parents decide to file for divorce. While the negative effects are well-documented and not worth dismissing, that doesn’t mean the situation is without its share of positives. Sometimes children actually can benefit from divorce and those benefits can range from the very small to lifesaving.

If you’re concerned that the kids will be worse off after the divorce papers are final, just consider these possibilities:

  • Divorce can actually provide more stability for the child than staying together. Millions of well-meaning couples throughout history who’ve resolved to “never fight in front of their kids” find it a difficult promise to keep when they’re no longer compatible with their spouses. While it may be your intention to keep the kids out of parental conflicts, it rarely turns out like you want it to. If children are no longer in a tense environment, they stand a better chance of doing better in school and feeling secure in their own skin.
  • Failure to divorce can be emotionally, mentally, and even physically damaging to you and your little ones when abuse is present. The abuse doesn’t even have to be domestic either. All it takes is one bad decision on the part of a substance abusing spouse to put you and your child in danger. If either situation exists, you’re doing your child a favor by filing the divorce forms and getting out of the situation.
  • Divorce can improve their lives by helping you to improve your own. Children are not stupid. They know when Mom and Dad are unhappy, and whether they choose to admit it or not, that unhappiness filters into their own lives, leading to misbehavior, poor decisions, and overall insecurity.

While every situation is different and most marriages are worth fighting for, don’t automatically assume that your kids will be better off if you “tough it out” and stay together. Whatever you decide, best of luck, and may you find happiness for yourself and your family.

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