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Divorce Leads to Greater CreativityCreativity is often fueled directly by experience, and there are few experiences more memorable than that of the decision to file for divorce (and everything that comes after it, of course). The truth is, marriage can stymie one’s self-reliance and creativity in ways that you never quite realize until you’re out of the situation and functioning as an individual again. Here are some of the ways in which it can really help you think outside the box and get more done in life.

Conflict Resolution

This benefit to your creativity is prevalent when you’re forced to have continued interaction with your spouse (usually because of co-parenting). When you share love for your child, you do what you can to get along during custody exchanges, birthday parties, and holidays. That can get easier or more difficult depending on additional relationships, such as when you and/or your partner introduce new significant others to the dynamic. Being in those situations can add depth to your maturity as well.

Financial Planning

Once the divorce papers are final, you may find yourself with a lot less income than you had before, particularly if yours was a two-income household. While that can be difficult to adjust to, it does help you do more with less and force those dollars to stretch even further.

Employment Prospects

When you do experience a divorce, there may be a temptation to crawl into a hole and hide or throw yourself into your work and not come up for a moment of fresh air. Becoming a workaholic isn’t healthy, but all the extra time that you spend on the job can really free up your creative energy to pursue something employment-wise that taps in to your passions. That’s why you see a lot of people with recently finalized divorce forms start businesses or spearhead projects with their employer. They have drive to succeed in their work and escape the failures of their marriage. As a result, something good can come from something bad.

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