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How to Survive a Divorce: Make It PersonalAt, we talk a lot about how to file for divorce, but we also realize your needs go well beyond the legal proceeding. That’s why we also like to talk about how to survive a divorce.

When you do go through the breakup of a marriage, it can be a very traumatic experience, even if you had an amicable do it yourself divorce. It’s hard to shake off feelings of failure and rejection. Sometimes it may even seem impossible.

It isn’t. You’ll be over it before you know it as long as you make it personal. No, we’re not talking about starting a war with your ex. We’re talking about finding the personal comforts that help you cope and heal.

Huffington Post calls it a “divorce care package.” We all need one. Here are the types of “comforts” that define them.


Music is fiercely independent. It’s defined by the creator’s experience and once it goes out into the world, it either finds an audience or it doesn’t. That’s why there are so many different genres and sub-genres. Each song speaks to a specific moment or emotion in the human experience that can only be understood and transformed into something unique by the person who embraces it. You will take a song and mingle it with who you are, creating a specific emotion that can only be felt by you and you alone. That’s why it’s so important to build your own soundtrack after a divorce. Compile the songs that capture what you’re feeling. Listen to it. Cry if you need to. Make it your own.

Comfort Foods

You have to be careful with picking out your comfort foods. Too much of the wrong thing for too long can result in you packing on the pounds. Still, it doesn’t hurt to wrap yourself up in pizzas or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a while after the end of your marriage as long as you realize it for what it is: medicating.


For the longest time after my first marriage broke up, I lived in a world of Seinfeld. I watched the DVDs in both chronological and reverse chronological order. Then, I would start over and do it again. Eventually, it would be on in the background while I worked or paid bills or napped. I enjoyed it for 1) the laughs, and 2) the fact each character was so superficial and empty. Empathy for the human race was lost on them, and at that point in my recovery, I could really relate to them. What movies or TV shows do that for you?


You may not feel like being with another person right now. Or maybe you do, and that’s part of the problem. (As in, you’re trying to find self-worth in the eyes of another person instead of learning to like yourself.) Either way, give it time. You don’t want to get back out there immediately, but you also don’t want to shut yourself off from the world forever. When the time is right, don’t be afraid to date several different types of people and explore new personalities. The more you date, the further it will move your divorce into the past.

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One thought on “How To Survive A Divorce: Make It Personal

  1. James Charon

    We all have different ways to cope up with problems including heartaches and pains. These tips may be helpful but I’m not really sure about dating. Perhaps it will come when the heart is totally healed or else, it would end up having problems again.


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