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Kenny G Files for a Sax-y California DivorceWhat’s this world coming to when even a curly long haired smooth jazz sax player ends up filing for divorce? Kenneth Bruce Gorlelick, or as everyone else in pop culture knows him, Kenny G, the silky smooth sax player who has dominated adult contemporary since the late 80’s has recent filed for divorce from his wife of 20 years, Lyndie-Benson Gorelick, citing “Irreconcilable differences”.

The soon to be non-couple have one 14 year-old boy, Noah and have agreed to file for joint custody. According to the California divorce forms, it is stated that Kenny G is worth $50 million and the couple did have a prenup agreement. In addition to his music earnings, Kenny G was also a noted early investor in the Starbucks coffee company.

More importantly, this may be the first woman to finally resist the fluid tones of this prominent musician. Which begs the question, if a smooth jazz player who has sold millions upon millions of records, not to mention being well known for the wooing power of his saxophone, along with a ridiculously head of flowing locks as the final coup de grace – if he can’t keep a woman and files for divorce, what hope do the rest of us have?

The second important question one must ask is – will this affect Kenny G’s musical prowess? Break ups and divorces can do strange things to people and their careers; Tiger Woods divorce serves as a prime example of the post divorce phenomena. Let’s go best case/worst case scenario for this one.

Best Case Scenario –  Kenny G, already a Grammy award winner and top selling artists works even harder at his already honed golf game. Having already golfed with Tiger Woods in Pro-Am tournaments, he and Tiger now have even more to share, not only analyzing their next shots and exchanging putting tips, but also the misery and regrets both experienced throughout their divorce process.

Worst Case Scenario – Filing for divorce from 20 year marriage hits the 56 year old jazz musician hard.  In the prenup agreement it is stated that his wife gets all of his Starbucks money and half of his saxophone collection. Kenny G spirals down, thinking he needs to reinvent himself he decides he’s sick of his hair and completely shaves his head. Abandoning his saxophone he picks up the keytar and redoes all of his greatest instrumental hits in keytar.  Needless to say a shaved headed Kenny G playing the keytar at local county fairs does not prove as en effective solution for career revival.

All kidding aside we feel for Kenny G, although we are sure he will have no problem being able to afford a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of California divorce laws. It seems like an amicable break-up which is more we can say about a multitude of other celebrity couples. The fact that they have agreed to share joint custody of their soon is a good start. As many of us have come to realize, divorce can happen to any marriage, even if you play the smoothest jazz sax since Coltrane.

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