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Knowing Your Rights Before the Divorce ProcessDivorces are life altering events. Knowing what is happening, what you are entitled to, and how to get these things throughout the process is something that anyone going through the divorce process should know. The more informed someone is about their situation, the better they will be able to navigate and handle the situation.

A couple undergoing a marriage dissolution should take every precaution to ensure their rights are protected at all times.  Divorce rights differ from state to state, and even from county to county, so it is important to know all the facts about the policies and procedures before delving into the filing process.

Know Your Rights
During a divorce, no spouse has the right to hide, damage, destroy, or dispose of any property without proper, legal consent or the court’s approval. This particularly applies to potential evidence concerning the presumed and upcoming divorce proceedings. Both spouses have the right to access financial records, bank statements, and other documents that can be used to help their case. Purposefully concealing or discarding this evidence is a clear and direct violation of divorce law.

Spouses also have the right to protect their assets and credit while going through a divorce. Separately owned credit cards should never be used by another spouse when going through a divorce. If spouses have joint accounts and credit cards, temporary protection can be filed in court to protect finances until they are properly and legally divided.

Assets & Family
Your divorce rights include having access to your children. If one spouse has temporary custody, he or she cannot deny the other parent visitation. A temporary divorce court order will outline your rights throughout the legal process. It is important that both sides comply with these orders.

Under Family Law, spouses are  afforded certain rights by the government, even during the divorce process. Failure to understand or abide by these rules and regulations can often times affect the outcome of the divorce itself.

Get to know the divorce laws in your state and county. Researching the divorce process is beneficial, to say the least; doing nothing is a poor decision, to put it mildly. We understand finding all the information you need, and then understanding the information is a difficult and time consuming task. Luckily, strives to provide easy to understand and easily accessible divorce information for everyone. Let us help you during this difficult time by arming you with the information you need.

One thought on “Knowing Your Rights Before the Divorce Process

  1. Candy Smith

    I really agree with all that has been mentioned here. It is a must that you know your rights in the divorce process. You could exercise all your rights if you are well informed about it, right?


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