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Louis C.K.'s Version of DivorceLouis C.K. is considered the reigning king of standup comedy, but he’s also becoming something of an expert on how to file for divorce and live your life as co-parents the right way. In a recent article on Huffington Post, C.K. had the following to say about his own life after divorce.

A ‘Version’ Of Divorce

“There is a version of divorced life where you’re partners and you’re both taking care of the kids, the kids are spending equal time with each parent, and there’s balance and there’s harmony between the parents because they’re not married in a bad marriage anymore,” said C.K., who finished his divorce papers with painter Alix Bailey in 2008 after four years of marriage.

Particularly, for the 46-year-old, it can improve the relationship between father and child.

“If you do [divorce] right, it’s a much better life for the kids,” he said. “I was determined to make sure that my kids still felt me in their lives after divorce. And then I was astonished to find out that they wanted to be with me all the time, that this was positive for them. … And also that motivated me to make a good life for myself so that the kids would have a good home when they came to my place. And their mom is a good co-parent; we’re good partners together, we’re friends and we’ve both I think done a pretty good job of letting the kids feel like they have everything. They have a mom and they have a dad who get along and who are both there for them.”

When It Doesn’t Work That Way

Clearly, C.K. is showing the value of maintaining a friendship with your ex for the sake of the children. When it doesn’t work that way, the kids are much more likely to get caught in the middle of an endless cycle of fighting and pettiness that results in ill effects from the divorce throughout much of the rest of their lives.

If you don’t want your divorce forms to trigger an all-out war over parenting, you’ll handle it the Louis C.K. way. Good luck!

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