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Preparing Yourself for Divorce

Preparing Yourself for DivorceWhether it’s your choice or theirs, sometimes you know a divorce is in your near future. If you’ve tried everything in your power to fix the relationship, or you get cheated on, you need to be prepared for the inevitable divorce.

Gather Evidence

Take notes and gather all the evidence you can before it happens. Make notes of any incriminating evidence just in case it gets nasty in court. Having a written record for dates and times with the evidence will be a great value to you in court. If they’re cheating, make sure to find proof, whether it be from emails or by hiring a private investigator.

Support System

Your friends and family are there to help you. Open up to your closest friends and family members. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel and how much perspective you will gain from this seemingly small act. Having a good support system is one of the best resources you could have when going through a divorce.

Place to Stay

Make sure you have a place to stay in case you need it. Whether you’re filing for divorce or you think it’s coming your way, the best thing you can do is have somewhere you can go where you know you can stay. Usually this is a friend or family member’s house.

Separate Your Finances

If you know a divorce is in the cards, start separating your finances and getting your name, as well as your significant other’s name, off of any shared accounts you may have together. Money is the most disputed aspect of any divorce, and making sure everything is under your name keeps the money in your hands in the off-chance that things get nasty.


If children are involved, or you think you may have to fight in court, make sure you research the specific aspects of your case. Too often, people going through a divorce seek advice from the wrong type of lawyer, or just assume the law is on their side. Knowing your rights will keep you from paying too much or losing your children, or both.

Divorce is one of the hardest experiences you will ever have to deal with, but if you’re prepared, it’ll make the whole divorce process a hundred times easier.

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