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Professions Most Likely To DivorceIt may come as a surprise to some, but the national average for divorce across all occupations is around 17 percent, according to a recent study published in the Journal Of Police And Criminal Psychology. While this number seems somewhat low, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few offending professions where employees are more likely to opt for a cheap divorce.

While high stress professions like police officer came in below the national average (at around 14.5 percent), other professions didn’t fare as well. Today we’ll take a look at six along with some of the probable causes for each.



1. Dancers And Choreographers

Divorce Rate: 43.05 percent

Probable Causes: Surprisingly, the profession most prone to combative and no-fault, do it yourself divorce was that of the dancer/choreographer. Generally, this was because people, who enter the profession are less likely to be brought up in a home life of conservative, traditional values. They’re known as “creative types,” and as such, it’s a profession that can naturally posture itself against the traditional institution of marriage.

2. Bartenders

Divorce Rate: 38.43 percent

Probable Causes: Bartenders do most of their work during prime party hours — we’re talking weekends — and are exposed to a much more diverse group of people than a regular job. The opportunity to “stray” from monogamy is much more apparent, and since weekends are such an important time for couples, working through that time period in such an environment isn’t the best of ideas for couples wanting to stay together.

3. Massage Therapists 

Divorce Rate: 38.22 percent

Probable Causes: The profession itself — even when it doesn’t lend itself to infidelity — can cause jealousy and conflict in a marriage, what with all the non-spousal touching and rubbing.

4. Gaming Cage Worker

Divorce Rate: 34.66 percent

Probable Causes: Again, the environment and the nighttime work hours play a large role in causing this profession’s high divorce rate.

5. Extruding Machine Operator

Divorce Rate: 32.74 percent

Probable Causes: This position doesn’t present workers with enough opportunity for socialization. The repetitive nature of the work and the isolation from others for long periods of time each day can result in a disconnect. Furthermore, many of the available positions are part-time or temporary, causing uncertainty of employment and income.

6. Gaming Service Worker

Divorce Rate: 31.35 percent

Probable Causes: A gaming service worker (or their spouse) will likely look into how to file for divorce based on the same reasons of a gaming cage worker (see no. 4) with one addition. Gaming service workers have less insulation between themselves and the sometimes raucous casino environment than their cage working counterparts.

Have you worked in any of these professions most likely to divorce? Why do you think the rates are so high?

One thought on “Professions Most Likely To Divorce: 6 Offending Jobs And Their Probable Causes

  1. LR

    No one wants to marry creative types. Creative types are seen as untrustworthy. So if you’re creative, give it up so your spouse can trust you easily, especially if you’re female.


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