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Reasons Why Celebrities Divorce

Reasons Why Celebrities DivorceAfter sincerity and kindness, a happy marriage is one of the rarest finds in Hollywood.  Filing California divorce forms almost seems like a rite of passage in show business. Happiness and circumstance don’t care how much money you have. That being said, here’s a glimpse into the reasons why celebrities get divorced.

Time Apart

Easily the most cited of the reasons for a celebrity divorce is too much time apart. Actors are always on set, sometimes for as long as three years. Being apart from your significant other for so long and so often, makes growing together and getting to know each other extremely difficult.

Rash Decisions

Having millions of dollars and being surrounded by only those who tell you yes is never a good combination. When you lack peers giving you perspective, you might think it a good idea to marry someone you met at a bar two weeks prior. As any sane person knows, the chances of a hastily made and ill thought out marriage almost always ends in divorce.


The media doesn’t let anything slip. If you’re famous and you cheat, you will get caught. Even knowing this, celebrities still find themselves cheating. Seeing the same person day in and day out on set tends to lead celebrities into thinking they share a bond greater than the one they share with their significant other. This new bond lends itself to an expensive divorce more often than not.


Some celebrities are unhappy in their marriage but don’t want a media circus over their divorce so they wait until a bigger celebrity files for divorce and drop their divorce news within someone else’s divorce storm. Doing this minimizes the coverage on their own divorce.

Celebrities may be great to look up to in some aspects, but marriage is not one of them. Though, if you want to see a celebrity in person, head on over to the Los Angeles courthouse and you’ll see them waiting to file California divorce forms online.

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