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Single Again? How To Spend The HolidaysWhether you’ve decided to file for divorce or your spouse did, you will have to face up to that first holiday without them, and it can be a tough one to get through. The good news is that it’s much easier to do when you stay busy. But being alone on Christmas is a challenge, especially if you have children and it’s your spouse’s turn to have them on the big day. You’ll want to make the most of things no matter what, and so that means tapping into your inner likes and preferences. Here are some ways to spend the holidays when it’s just you.

1. Volunteer

After some people finalize their divorce papers, they come to realize what homeless people and other less fortunates go through. Empathy is much easier to come by for those who are worse off than you, in other words, and using the holiday as a means of brightening someone else’s life can be extremely gratifying. Look for homeless shelters in your area and ask about programs that they have in place for Christmas Day. Then, volunteer!

2. Take An Overnight Trip

You may be getting a lot less for Christmas after the divorce forms are final, but you’ll also have to buy less, and so as a single person, why not use those extra funds to plan an exciting weeklong vacation? Plan it out, pack a bag, and see about traveling on Christmas Day. There is less demand then, and you may be able to get a great deal as a result.

3. Satisfy Your Inner Homebody

While some friends might encourage you to head off to an exotic locale — Hawaii anyone? — you may be happy just staying at home, reading, watching movies, and snacking on junk food. If that’s your urge, then give in to it.

Remember that Christmas is just 24 hours long. If you don’t have plans, then make some, and you may just stumble into something fulfilling.

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