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Style Tips for Thriving After DivorceFashion and style aren’t things we talk a lot about on this blog, and that’s probably to our detriment. After all, how you look and feel about yourself will play a huge role in getting you past the painful part of finalizing divorce papers.

So if you’ve recently gone through a divorce — or are about to — it’s time to start thinking in self improvement terms. Here are some tips to aid in building a more confident you.

First, Buy A New Wardrobe. 

Old shirts that she bought you may be painful to wear in the days following your divorce. It may also be difficult to wear the dress that he just loved when you went out on your first date. These are normal feelings of loss that a wardrobe can trigger. You’ve got to start looking at the decision to file for divorce as an opportunity for a new beginning. That means a new set of duds. If money is difficult to come by, you might consider starting with a single outfit. Then, set routines that feel like rewards. It may mean a new shirt every payday or a pair of shoes every six months. Make it something to look forward to as you create a new “look” for yourself.

Experiment With A New Do. 

Getting a new hairdo can be an especially empowering and exciting event whether you’re a man or woman. Walk in to a barber shop or salon, plop down in the chair, and study the options that so many of these establishments have in a book or a poster on the wall. Set out to do something unique and different with your hair. Something you’ve never tried before at any other point in your life.

A New Scent

Another post divorce forms choice that doesn’t discriminate between genders is fragrance. Perfume. Cologne. Whatever. We love wearing it! But it can be rather difficult spritzing on a favorite bottle that he bought for you last Christmas or wearing the cologne that used to drive her crazy. Again, as with wardrobe and hairstyle, be unique. Make a point of treating yourself to something new.

Divorce can be a painful end to your relationship, but with the right mindset, it can be a new beginning that leads to something better. The road to recovery all starts with what you are willing to do for you.

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