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The 3 Types of People You Should Unfollow on FacebookFacebook is often cited as a reason that many choose to file for divorce, at least indirectly. With the rise of the social media platform, more people have found it easy to be unfaithful to their spouses. Even if it never comes to that, however, the site can create a lot of tension between spouses. That’s why we’ve put together this quick list of the three types of people you should unfollow on Facebook immediately.

One: Negative People

Not only are negative people annoying, but also they can root their way in to your own psyche and cause you to be negative as well. When you’re trying to have a healthy relationship, that emotion just doesn’t look good on you. It really is true that if you surround yourself with positivity, you in turn will be more positive. And if you can affect that change in your life, then the chances of filing divorce papers are much less likely.

Two: Former Flames

To a small degree, we can see how this is a fairly harmless add, particularly if there has been quite a bit of time between now and the time you dated, and you were never really “that” physically intimate with one another. However, if you had a deeply involved relationship — not just junior high boyfriend-girlfriend stuff — then you should probably refuse that friend request from your old flame, or unfollow and remove them from your friends list.

Three: Flirty Types

Anyone who flirts with you over social media — especially when they see you’re married — is a pretty low form of life. Don’t let yourself get sucked in to this because it will definitely reek havoc on your relationship and probably lead to divorce forms. If you feel like you’re lacking something in the relationship, address the issue with your spouse, not someone on a computer screen.

While we’re picking on Facebook here since it’s the most often used form of marital misbehavior online, you should apply these principles to all social networking accounts and even your phone’s contact list and the people with whom you choose to share text messages. Bottom line: if you feel like you can’t tell your spouse about it, then you shouldn’t be doing it.



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