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Major Factors That Contribute to Quicker DivorceWhile there is no clear recipe for how to have a long lasting marriage, we do know quite a bit more than we used to by analyzing data among those who’ve taken the plunge and managed to avoid filing divorce papers.

Particularly successful are those marriages found in the northern parts of the United States. When compared to their southern counterparts’ high divorce rates, there are three standout qualities that researchers believe are holding couples together.

The First: Marrying At An Older Age. 

The high rate of people who file for divorce in the South correlates to a large number of them marrying at a young age. Researchers have blamed rigid upbringing and religious beliefs condemning sex before marriage as catalysts for young people rushing in to marriages for which they’re not well-suited. Coincidentally, with most of these couples marrying before the age of 23, when there’s barely enough time to earn a bachelor’s degree, this entry ties in to our No. 2.

The Second: Low Education Levels.

In the northern parts of the country, young people tend to look at education and career as a first priority before transitioning into long lasting relationships. By taking time to focus on education, these individuals are more sure of their relationship compatibility to other people before deciding to say, “Till death do us part.” The cycle of marrying too young and too early in the educational cycle — more often found in the South — leads to two people in love at the time who soon find out they’re total strangers.

The Third: Earnings. 

It stands to reason that if you have education and work experience under your belt, you’re going to be earning more by the time you get married. Considering that finances are the most common cause of divorce in the US, the South’s tendency to marry young translates to greater financial strain, which can (and usually does) lead to divorce forms.

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