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Top 4 Exercises For Surviving A Divorce

Top 4 Exercises For Surviving A DivorceExercise in general is a great motivator for getting one’s life back on track after you or your spouse have decided to file for divorce. But there are certain types of exercise that speak to the pain and the emotions that you may be feeling inside. As you’re experiencing the fallout from a broken marriage, make note of your emotions. You’ll find that these exercises will address more than just your physical health, but your emotional and mental as well.


You may not be ready to spar with a partner. In fact, you may NEVER be ready to spar with a partner. Don’t worry. You don’t have to. Boxing and kickboxing after a divorce gives you a chance to take out your frustrations, aggressions, and hostilities, on a leather bag instead of your spouse. Directing animosity towards the person who filed the divorce papers won’t do you any good in the long run, and it could even get you in a lot of trouble. Let the heavy bag be your release. Work it whenever you feel yourself getting angry or emotional. You’ll be surprised at how cathartic it can be.


Some emotions related to a divorce aren’t hostile enough for the heavy bag. When I was going through my divorce, I got to a place where I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts and work out what it was I was looking for in a potential mate. Running gave me the impetus to pick myself up, stop feeling self-pity, and move forward, one step at a time.

Body Sculpting

Exercises like CrossFit and P90X are wonderful for body sculpting. They help take your mind off the emotional pain that comes from finalizing your divorce forms, and they direct that pain towards the physical, making something positive out of something negative in the process. Plus, they both have an active community of supporters, so it’s easy to find fitness classes and workout groups that can be a healthy social outlet.

Weight Lifting

Lifting free weights is another terrific way to get in physical and mental shape following a divorce. This activity forces you to work your core, which helps you tone up and burn fat, resulting in a healthier and more confident you. And healthy and confident is exactly what you’ll need to be if you want to get back out there and experience life.

Which exercises have been particularly helpful to you post-divorce?

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