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Understanding Do-it-Yourself DivorceDo it yourself divorce can be a challenging ordeal if you do not start from a realistic vantage point and utilize the appropriate tools for the task. Many couples look in to pursuing this option with an eye toward saving on attorney’s fees, but then lose interest because they’ve made it more difficult than it should be, they’ve been steered that way by an attorney consultation, or they’ve discovered the issues that exist between them are more complicated than initially thought.

Often times, it can be beneficial to hit the reset button and start from a common place of understanding. Here’s what you can do and what you can expect if you’re hoping to learn how to file for divorce on your own.

Expect Disputes But Do Your Best To Keep Them Out Of The Courtroom

Understand that when it comes to a DIY divorce, yours doesn’t necessarily have to be dispute free. Few are. After all, many couples get divorced because they didn’t see eye to eye on a number of issues. Don’t abandon hope just because your partner rubs you the wrong way. While disputes should be minor and relatively easy to resolve, there can still be disputes.

But rather than giving up and going with a much more expensive option, consider communicating your wishes for a clean break to your soon-to-be ex and see what common ground you can find together. If the process is still a stubborn one, then consider mediation. This allows you to work out any unresolved disputes in an office rather than a courtroom.

Read Up On The Laws In Your State

States differ in how they handle a lot of things. Some attach cost incentive in filing fees for couples, who have attended marital counseling (e.g. Minnesota). Others don’t have joint custody (Texas). Obviously, you’ll want to read as much as possible before starting proceedings without a lawyer. Once you do, it’s time to pursue your state-specific options. And that brings us to the final point:

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology has made our lives easier in a number of ways. Getting a cheap divorce is no exception. Instead of buying materials from a bookstore and sacrificing a full weekend with your nose in a book, you should consider sites like ours that streamline the divorce process, tailor needed documents to your state, and help walk you through the necessities.

Even if you still want an attorney to look over your final paperwork, going the DIY route can save a fortune in attorney’s fees. Have you considered doing it yourself? What is holding you back from taking the step?

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