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Valentine's Day for Single PeopleOne of the tough milestones you may have to face after deciding to file for divorce involves being single on Valentine’s Day. As someone who has just finalized your divorce papers, it can be especially tough. But here are 9 ways that people have actually celebrated as single people.

1. “A couple of years ago my coworker thought it would be funny to convince me to suit-up, buy flowers, and hand them out to random people on campus on Valentine’s day. I actually did it and am amazed with my reception. The look on people’s faces when a dapper gentlemen randomly hands them flowers is second to none. The $16 I spent on carnations plus the 20 minutes it took me to get all dressed up was well worth it.”

2. “I like to profit the day after with all the 50% off candy/chocolates.”

3. “Donate blood.”

4. “I’m a girl and I’m having a party with four of my other single friends. We’re planning on eating ice cream and watching chick flicks and facebook stalking guys.”

5. “Sigh a breath of relief I’m no longer with a controlling psycho whose birthday was the same as Valentine’s Day.”

6. “I bake heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies, and ask everyone I see on campus if they have a valentine. If they say no, I give them a cookie. If they say yes, I eat a cookie!”

7. “Work. Make money. Buy myself presents.”

8. “After being painfully dumped on Valentine’s Day three years ago, I’ve tried to do things that help me not think about that relationship. I usually buy silly, elementary school style cards for my friends. Last year it was holographic dinosaurs, this year it’s My Little Pony. I buy a bunch of Mountain Dew Voltage, Little Debbie’s snack cakes, and James Bond movies. Then I invite my two best friends over and we play video games and watch movies all day. It’s great!”

9. “This is how Valentine’s day was celebrated last year for me. It was a blast!

Step 1: Invite all your single friends and non-single friends who were smart enough to go out with their significant other the day before Valentine’s Day to avoid a 2 hour wait at the local Olive Garden.

Step 2: Give everyone a Nerf Gun and a handful of extra ammo.

Step 3: Split into teams of Singles vs. Non-singles and wage war!

Afterward everyone enjoys brownies, ice cream, and Season 2 of the Big Bang Theory. =)”

If you have finalized your divorce forms and aren’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day, try changing your perspective and getting creative like these people did. Best of luck!

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