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Lessons Learned from The First Serious RelationshipYou’ll never forget your first serious relationship and the learning that it brings into your life. While some experience their first serious relationship in high school, others don’t say goodbye to it until they file for divorce. No matter when or where it happened, here are some of the best lessons that you can take from them.

1. “Trust your gut, if you think something isn’t going to work. Don’t stay around longer than you need to!”

2. “Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with them or how much you two have been through, he/she can just pull out of the relationship in a blink of an eye.”

3. “That no matter how hard you try, if your SO doesn’t put as much effort, it won’t work. And that you can’t change the situation you’re in, only your view on it, and you can only change yourself, others can only change if they want to. Still going through it now, but definitely trying my best to be a better me.”

4. “If he’ll do it to her, he’ll do it to you. … Some wise word from my mother that I’ve always thought to be true.”

5. “Don’t become addicted to the love you get from someone else.”

6. “If your relationship is built around lies, and false promises no amount of love and longing can save it.”

7. “Do not tell someone you love them if you don’t, just because they said it. … Trust your friends. They see things that you don’t. … Girls cannot keep secrets.”

8. “That it’s not nearly as complicated as lots of people make it out to be, or at least it doesn’t have to be.”

9. “Communication is everything to keeping a relationship going, particularly when distance is involved!”

10. “If they say,’You don’t want me, I’m no good for you.’ Or ‘I don’t deserve you.’ They’re right.”

11. “Never rush in to sex and never force yourself to be with someone just because you want someone to be with.”

What about those of you who filed divorce papers on your first serious relationship? Is there anything that your marriage ending in divorce forms taught you about serious relationships that you didn’t know going in? Sound off in our comments section.

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