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Divorce Can Improve Your Parenting SkillsThe decision to file for divorce doesn’t come easy when kids are involved because you have to balance your own happiness with the security of your children. Kids are often too immature to handle the complex human emotions involved in a divorce, and they need your help and protection every step of the way. Luckily, if you play it right, divorce can actually improve your parenting skills in the following ways.

It can help you to empathize more.

When the divorce papers are on the line, you need a central focus to keep yourself grounded. Children can be that focus. By being strong for them, you can weather the storm yourself. And call it the intuition of an involved parent, but seeing your little ones struggle can awaken a survival call in you that allows you to be more attune to their needs. In other words, it wakes you up out of your own stress and allows you to be a rock for them.

It can guide you in how to teach them about conflict resolution.

Your kids will learn a lot about solving their issues by watching you and their other parent when dealing with the divorce forms. If you cannot suppress conflict — if you constantly blow up at one another or pit your kids against the other parent — then that’s exactly how they will learn to deal with other people, and no respectable parent would want that. Realizing this is all most parents need to cut it out and re-focus on their children and the life lessons they’re responsible for teaching.

It can make your time together more special.

This is particularly true if you aren’t the custodial parent. Seeing your children is more special when you cannot see them every day, and you’ll be more apt to plan more meaningful activities and really be involved in the moment.

What ways do you feel that divorce has helped you as a parent? Sound off in the comments section!

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