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Divorce Could Be the Best Thing That Happened to YouIt may not seem possible when you’re going through it, but deciding to file for divorce can be the best decision you ever make. While there is often a lot of heartache and uncertainty that goes along with the end of any relationship, you need to start looking beyond the scope of the present to see how this situation can work out in your favor.

First Of All, It Gives You A Chance To Heal.

One of the most painful things about a bad marriage is how you start to lose yourself within its grip. When you decide to file divorce papers, a period of self-reflection and healing begins as you come closer to knowing who you are and get reacquainted with all the uniqueness that makes you tick. Too often, couples give ground until there is nothing left of the individual. While marriage is often about “two becoming one,” you’ve got to remember that you were initially drawn to each other not because of a lack of personality but because you valued your own unique qualities and that of the other person. With divorce, it’s time to get those back.

Secondly, It Enriches Your Mental And Physical Health (If You Let It). 

When spouses file divorce forms against their partners, they often decide to take stock of their own weaknesses and then commit to improving them. This is why you’ll see individuals lose 50 pounds and gain muscle mass or tone up following a divorce. They’ve expulsed that negative energy that was weighing down their confidence and affecting their physical lives, and they’ve converted it into positive changes.

Finally, It Teaches Your Children A Valuable Lesson.

And what is that lesson? To be true to oneself. To not give up on hopes and dreams, and to take the decision of whom to marry seriously. While some might feel it does the opposite, recent studies have proven otherwise, and if it does negatively affect the child’s adult relationships, it’s usually because you failed to show them how to recover and find happiness. Don’t let that happen. Start improving yourself as soon as the divorce is final, and demonstrate to them how a relationship is supposed to be — not only between you and your future SOs, but also between you and your ex. By showing your kids that maturity wins the day, they can learn what it means to have a successful relationship.

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