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Alabama & California Divorce Papers


Alabama & California Divorce Papers is proud to announce two fine additions to our YouTube Video channel. The videos, “How to file Alabama divorce forms online” and “How to file California divorce forms online” are informative videos that are designed to give a brief overview of divorce laws and the divorce process in those respective states. These are only the first in a series and we will be releasing additional information state specific divorce videos in the following weeks.

As on one of the leading providers of online divorce forms, we are asked frequently about individual states divorce laws. Many are surprised to find that states, and even separate counties within the states, have their own unique laws and parameters that should be understood before deciding to file for divorce. As is the case with most legal matters, the laws can be complex as well as being very specific in nature.

For example, those looking to get divorced in California should probably be aware that California divorce law stipulates that there are very specific instances in which a California divorce may be granted. California divorce law stipulates that a divorce will either fall into the “No Fault” divorce category or the “general” divorce category. Knowing the differences between the categories and the different requirements that justify and will legally allow a judge to grant a divorce in California is something that everyone considering getting divorced in California should be made aware of.

But those looking for Alabama divorce forms, Alabama has its own unique set of parameters for those looking for a matrimonial split. Alabama divorce law is explicit in its wording in that in order to get divorced in Alabama one spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months before legally being qualified to be divorced in the state. Once legal residency has been established, the divorce process can then process to the next phase. It is this type of information that many simply do not have or are unaware of as they enter into divorce proceedings.

We hope the two videos regarding California Divorce and Alabama Divorce can help people in those two states become better prepared to enter the divorce process. We have always felt that, in all matters in life, especially those of great legal importance, educating oneself on the ins-and-outs as well as the legal nuances which accompany divorce are things that each and every person should take seriously. Our YouTube video channel can be found at the following link.

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