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sexting & divorceToday, it seems like every time you turn around, a politician or former NFL great is getting in trouble for sending lewd photos of himself via text message. Teenagers aren’t even above taking on the practice, which appears to be here to stay.

When you run an online divorce website, you often see sexting as one of the behaviors leading to the downfall of a marriage. As such, it’s easy to attach a negative connotation to the practice. But are there any benefits, and do the positives outweigh the negatives? will now weigh in with 6 Things Married People Should Know About Sexting.

1. Sexting Is Forever. 

When you send a sexually suggestive or explicit text out there into the world, you are officially closing the door on your privacy. It may feel like good flirtatious fun in the moment, but the image or words can be captured in a screenshot, transferred to a computer, zoomed, cropped, kept as-is, and/or saved forever. The other person can even have flyers made. Bottom line: when you’re putting yourself out there, you’re really putting yourself out there.

2. Sexting Can Reignite Sparks In A Relationship. 

Sending that flirtatious text to your significant other can prime the pump and even reignite a struggling love life. It’s about taking chances. Being bold. Daring. In that sense, we can definitely see the benefits. But:

3. Sexting Too Easily Opens The Door To Other Misbehaviors. 

Rather than sending a sexting text to a husband or wife, many people end up using it to kindle passion in other places. Ask Brett Favre or Anthony Weiner about this one. While affairs used to be very hard to coordinate, today married people can “try one out” with a simple text message, revealing way more about themselves than they ever should to anyone other than their spouse. That’s why sexting sends many to the library to learn how to file for divorce each year.

4. Sexting Can Be Used Against You In A Divorce Action. 

If you’re trying to keep more of the marital assets or attain a higher level of custody over your children, just remember that your texts can be held against you, especially in instances where a prenuptial agreement is involved with infidelity restrictions.

5. Sexting Can Interfere With Parenting. 

Don’t think it will never happen to you. If your lewd photos end up housed on a smartphone or computer — especially a family computer — you could be setting yourself up for a very uncomfortable talk with your kids should they stumble upon them. (Don’t laugh. It happens.)

6. Sexting Can Ruin Your Career. 

Since affairs often begin at work, and sexting is a major tool in the infidelity toolbox, sending these messages to co-workers with whom you may be having an affair can always come back to haunt you and knock your career right off track. Because, remember, sexting is forever. (See No. 1).

To summarize, sexting can be an exciting and flirtatious way to get the physicality in your marriage resurrected, but make sure you know the risks and that you’re sending those texts to the right person, or else you could find your spouse filing for divorce in a hurry.

3 thoughts on “6 Things Married People Should Know About Sexting

  1. Jacob Wadsworth

    Well, better stop the act altogether to prevent all these things. Instead, keep yourself busy with other things like work or business. Save the kinky stuff for later when you see your partner at home.

  2. Angela

    My husband and I love sexting. By the time he gets home we just want to tear each other’s clothes off. We have been together for 20 years.

  3. whatjjj

    My wife is sexting an ex coworker. I’m trying things out while she is not knowing I have access to her sexting chats. We talk. She says she wants to work on the marriage, we have a heart to heart talk. Later that evening she texts the same guy. I find it Interesting about the lip service I’m getting. We talk the next day about splitting assets if things don’t work out and the same heart to heart talk and same texting later that night. The great thing about sexting is there are probably less people being blind-sided from divorces from cheating spouses.. Lining up my ducks now!


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