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California Divorce

California DivorceDivorce has moved over the years from its semi-taboo place in society to a front row seat in many of our lives. Divorce proceedings and processes have become a business of their own, with lawyer’s and clients’ processes playing out like a tightly scripted negotiation scene.  For those of you thinking of file for divorce in California, you are not alone. California is at the top of the divorces list for states, and what you need to know going into the precedings may be way beyond what you can be prepared for. We are not saying that you should know the ins and outs of every divorce law, there is no magic stipulation that will solve your life problems; but educating yourself, even on the most basic of laws will help you get a grasp on what you might be up against during the whole divorce process.

1. Post Filing Waiting Period

We all could use a little more time within our daily lives. Or, in the case of divorces, maybe you wish you have less time in your current marriage. That being said separation in marriages can be spontaneous, we all realize this, but for legal purposes and in planning the potential next step it is important to be aware of the 6 month waiting period after filing papers for divorce for the notification that the divorce will be granted.  This may seem like an after though, but time is a very precious thing and planning your legal separation may affect the process of your physical separation.

2. Average California Divorce Filing Fees

Money is also an issue in divorces, who has it, who gets, where it’s going and how much? Whole divorces as you may know, can be centered around the settlement of money. So it may seem like an after though to ask: How much are filing fees for divorce in California? An important note is that the person initiating the divorce will not be the only one paying the filing fees. In the state of California the average filing fee cost is around $335, however the other party in the divorce proceedings will also have to pay a fee of $335 for their response. Understandably there are many other more expensive costs that go into a divorce, the fees for the initial filings often get over looked.

3. Residency Status & Divorce in California

Unique to the state of California is the often asked question of how a divorce may affect someone’s immigration status. Understandably this situation will not affect a certain percentage of divorces in California, but it continually pops up on California divorce law websites as a “Frequently Asked Questions”. Immigration status laws can be very tricky and complex. The most frequent answer noted is to seek advice from an immigration lawyer or make sure your divorce attorney has knowledge of immigration laws.

Understandably, there is a vast array of laws, stipulation, and legal issues that make up divorce law, things that the everyday person wouldn’t even dream of asking or thinking about as they are going through a separation period. Consider these questions and tips the very tip of the iceberg. Sometimes the first step into an unknown situation is the hardest, and we are always looking for the best way to get ourselves in the door; these very basics, when applicable, can give you an idea of the first steps you need to take, the questions you may need to ask yourself, and glimpse into what may be ahead of you as this very real step into a different life path unfolds before you.

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