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Camille and Kelsey Grammer’s Divorce Settlement released

Camille and Kelsey Grammer’s Divorce Settlement releasedCamille Grammer the “Real house wives of Beverly Hills” star and former husband, Kelsey Grammer, have completed their divorce settlements and the details have recently emerged. Of the $60 Million in reported assets Camille is cashing in with a $30 Million paychecks.

Grammer was almost broke before marriage

Before you “scoff” at Camille receiving this lucrative payday it should be known, as reported by TMZ, that when Camille and Kelsey married in 1996 he was near broke due to bad decisions and drug problems.
It was reported that Camille took charge of handling the money when the couple married. She helped turn the assets around to the point where they have millions of dollars to split. Due to bad decisions and drug problems by the former Frazier star e was nearly in jeopardy of being bankrupt.

Cleaning up the Messy Divorce

The marriage came apart in a messy way after 13 years with both sides giving heated commentary in various Grammer refuted. In an interview with Oprah, Kelsey asserted that Camille “Always wanted to be famous and was angry that she had given up so much to be with me.” An agreement was also reach on both sides to have joint custody of their two children, Mason and Jude. The main issue, as is the usual case in lucrative divorce is the settlement on assets. The $60 Million final assets tally includes 3 homes which are currently on the market.

Already back in the game

Both Kelsey and Camille are already with other partners.  Rumors surfaced even before the couple was divorced that Kelsey was leaving for another woman, which in turn prompted Camille to file for divorce. Kelsey went on to marry his fourth wife, a former flight attendant in February of 2011, just 2 weeks after his divorce with Camille was finalized.
Camille herself is also dating again, finding love with hunky California Lawyer Dmitri Charalambopoulos. When asked if she was considering marriage again she responded, “At some point, possibly yes,” she said. “A year ago I would have said I definitely never, I will never enter into that kind of agreement. But now I’ve definitely changed my mind.”
$30 Million dollars will also go a long way to helping you get past a failed marriage, an opinion I’m sure all divorced women across America would agree upon.

Every time details of rich celebrity divorces are released it feels like the end of a monopoly game. So many assets, houses, property, yachts, and net worth go into the equation.  Diving through hundreds of millions of dollars of accumulated wealth while trying to mutual and emotionally settle two sides can be a daunting task.  Usually monopoly games it’s usually the point where a players lands on boardwalk, tosses the money, takes a swipe at the houses and calls it a game. However in real life and as in high profile california divorce cases, sometimes the boardwalk lands on you.

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