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Celebrity Divorce Diminishes Real Divorce TraumaLike moths to a flame, or train wreck’s in progress, we are drawn to celebrity divorce. Our country operates in hypocritical nature when it comes to celebrities. We worship, copy, and emulate many things about celebrities from fashion to opinions. We monitor every move they make now dedicate thousands of dollars and man power to tracking down their dirty secrets. At the same time, as soon as we see a chink in their image they we have built up for them, we pounce like hungry hyenas.

These high profile stars are just as emotionally susceptible to the ills in life as we are. Some of them go through nasty divorces that have nothing to do with their popularity. A string of recent nasty divorces has taken center stage in the online world; let’s take a look at the some of the prominent ones.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

This marriage ended in the way many couples always fear. Exposing their complete private lives in public court. In 2008 when Cook and Brinkley were going through the divorce process, the admissions and testimonials hit a new low. Cook admitted to numerous cases of adultery and a pattern of questionable behavior that would make any spouse cringe. It’s no wonder that shortly after an understandable distraught Brinkley swore she would never get married again.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

No surprise here when it comes to Madonna. Noted for her string of relationships and flings she finally seemed to settle down with British director Ritchie. While the marriage lasted for a few years,  the break-up and divorce got a little heated. Both Madonna and Ritchie made back handed public comments about each other. While both have moved on, in the case of Madonna, she has been linked she has been noted to have a string of flings. Ritchie meanwhile has settled down and is expecting his second child with his not not-so-new girlfriend.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger

A marathon of divorce litigation and a prolonged custody battle made this epic divorce an object in tabloids for years. More so in the custody battle part, which was over their then 11 year old daughter Ireland. Things got ugly when a tape of Baldwin leaving a nasty message on his daughter’s voice message when she didn’t answer for an official statement for the courts. Temporarily losing his visitation rights, Baldwin has since apologized in a statement but still had a barb to fling at Bassinger claiming it was because of her that the voice message in question was leaked. Bassinger has denied this claim. Baldwin has since settled down and apparently patched this up with daughter Ireland, marrying his yoga instructor and had Ireland on hand as a flower girl at Baldwins wedding.

Celebrity divorce will always be a magnet that the public is drawn to. High profile divorces play like dramatized soap operas where the nastier the divorce the more attention it will get. TV programs, magazines and talk shows continually exploit celebrity divorces where, leaked video, custody battles, and rumor dominate the stories. It’s no surprise that we can’t get enough just of the characters these actors play in movies, we need to follow their real life stories off-screen. The divorce process can be a taxing one no matter who you are. For those of us not in the limelight it can be a stressful and lonely process. At we can help with making the filing process as quick and as simple as possible. Proving that all’s well does not always end well, but hey, at least it ends.

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