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Internet Causes DivorceIf you’re thinking about calling an end to your marriage, the Internet can be helpful in easing the process through online divorce services like what you’ll find here at But as much as the World Wide Web can be used as a tool for good, it can also be the cause of many of your problems in a marriage. Here are just a few of the ways that this modern technological marvel can diminish the bond that you have with your spouse.

1. It’s A Time Eater. 

With more than 200 million Internet users in the US (out of around 310 million people), it’s safe to say that virtually every affluent American (around 98 percent of them anyway) is now online. The number is expected to rise to about 250 million in 2014, or more than 77% of the population. That creates a lot of time for passing around information and engaging in personal interactions. And according to a 2009 Harris Interactive Poll, we were already spending close to 13 hours per week on the Internet (not counting email) four years ago. With the rise in popularity of social networks and mobile computing, you can bet it’s a lot more than that now. For those of us who make a living online, in fact, it’s not unlikely to burn through that much time in a day.

2. It Creates Opportunities For Infidelity.

It’s very difficult to keep from filing for divorce when one spouse has been unfaithful, and the online world now makes it extremely easy to cross a line that should never be crossed. According to K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky, the married team behind the book Facebook And Your Marriage, the most popular social network can make it super easy to engage in marital infidelity. “Affairs happen with a lightning speed on Facebook,” said K. Jason Krafsky, adding that it can happen “in just a few clicks” in comments to Huffington Post. And even if a person never acts on the affair:

3. It Can Cause Cyber Cheating. 

Using Facebook and other social networks to rekindle old flames or take a relationship with someone outside your marriage too far is too easy. You have personal chat sessions, inbox messaging, and over at Google+, the opportunity to exchange video time with one another via the popular Google Hangout. And that doesn’t even take into account mobile computing and the rise of “sexting.”

4. It Can Make People Crazy.

A couple of really quick examples of what we’re talking about: the Indian woman, who divorced her husband because he didn’t change his Facebook relationship status from single to married; and the forever infamous temper-tantrum wife, who decided to divorce her husband after he videoed and posted one of the most epic freak-outs of all time.

If you want to keep your marriage strong and not even consider how to file for divorce as a viable option, then we recommend you balance your Internet time with common sense and thoughtfulness for your spouse.

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