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Top 10 Divorce Capitals of the United StatesThe most commonly cited reasons for divorce are financial problems, domestic/substance abuse, and infidelity. However, a new online divorce study from the American Community Survey and the Daily Beast would seem to indicate that geography may play a role as well.

According to the statistical data, Panama City, Florida, is the divorce capital of the United States. Three additional Florida cities were in the top 10 — Deltona (No. 6), Palm Bay (No. 8), and Jacksonville (No. 9) — in spite of the state registering as one of the lower areas prone to divorce throughout the US.

(Florida fell in the 7.66 to 9.31 divorces per 1,000 people range. The high end was calculated as 12.64 to 14.35.)

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, and Alaska, were among the most divorce-heavy states.

As far as the top 10 divorce capitals were concerned, Sierra Vista, Arizona, registered at No. 2, while other rankings included Charleston, West Virginia (No. 3), Medford, Oregon (No. 4), Reno, Nevada (No. 5), Pueblo, Colorado (No. 7), and Grand Junction, Colorado (No. 10).

Possible Causes

It wasn’t known why some states were more divorce-heavy in spite of not having any “capitals” in the top 10, while in other cases, a capital was located in a state where the rate of people who file for divorce was relatively low.

As far as why some areas may experience higher rates than others, the most likely scenarios are as follows:

  • Cultural: Cities like Panama City are known for their party flavor — not very conducive for staying together over the long haul — while others may have a more stringently religious environment where sex is encouraged only inside of a marriage union, which can lead to individuals marrying too young.
  • Economical: Areas where incomes are lower and the cost of living is on the rise will be more susceptible to divorce because of the fiscal problems that a lack of adequate income can create. On the flip side of this, more money can also lead to more problems and mistrust between partners.
  • Political: In areas where there is less of a stigma attached to divorced persons, the likelihood of following through could be greater than in areas where it is still not embraced. With a current trend that so-called “red states” like Arkansas and Oklahoma have higher divorce rates than “blue states,” however, it would seem the stigma is all but gone.

No matter what area you live in, if you need help learning how to file for divorce on your own, we can guide you through the right forms and processes to keep your stress and your costs low.

One thought on “New Study Reveals Top 10 Divorce Capitals Of The United States

  1. Tracie Center

    I agree that poverty could be the top reason for divorce in certain areas. Unfortunately, there are still lots of people who are not educated and thus, they behave differently when faced with stressful situations. They also lack focus and concentration of what is right and just when they have not enough food to eat.


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