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Unhappy MarriageOnline divorce services like seek to de-complicate the process of filing for divorce. Here you can learn how to file for divorce in an easier, more cost-effective manner. Even so, many couples on the verge of divorce still refrain from throwing in the towel, and according to a new study, it’s not because they’re working on the marriage.

The study, commissioned by UK law firm Slater & Gordon, showed that one fifth of the two thousand people surveyed felt trapped in their relationship and would only divorce if their financial security were guaranteed.

According to a July 18, 2013, press release, 15 percent of those polled wish they had married someone else altogether, while 25 percent said they were no longer in love with their spouse and 30 percent claimed they’ve seriously considered separation or ending their marriage completely.

Among the reasons given: hoping things will get better, feeling guilty, not wanting to sell the family house, being apprehensive about loneliness, being frightened to live on one’s own, lacking the courage, and worrying about impact on the family or thinking they need to stay together for the kids.

But at the top of the list causing people to stay in unhappy marriages were these four reasons:

3. I Am Too Old Now

According to a February 2013 article in the Chicago Tribune, this one appears to be changing, but in the UK study, it still ranked highly. While 50-plus divorced couples are becoming more common — likely because more people are living longer and experiencing a higher quality of life in the extra years — it can still be difficult to reinvent yourself so late in life. After all, we’re fighting against years of perception that indicate otherwise.

2. I Would Not Be Able To Maintain My Lifestyle Financially

Returning to the statistic from the Slater & Gordon press release, more than 400 out of 2,000 people surveyed were ready to divorce if not for the financial worry that goes along with it. When a marriage goes south, often times material lifestyle can be the last thread of support we cling to. The thought of losing that makes ending a marriage even scarier.

1. I Might Regret It

That’s right, most survey participants were so afraid of possibly regretting the decision that they would rather delay divorce or avoid it altogether than go through with it. People don’t like admitting when they’re wrong, and this is just one more confirmation.

Have you thought about filing for divorce? Online divorce options make the process easier, and can also ease some of the emotional burden of it. If you’re stuck in a failing marriage, what’s holding you back from taking the next step?

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