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Divorced Couples With Children Should Stay Out Of CourtWhen a marriage is on the fast track to divorce, couples have a tendency to first react by seeking their own legal representation. Attorneys can be incredibly helpful in highly combative divorces, and it seems that the more there is to lose, the more necessary they become. This is especially true for parents, who file for divorce.

But while getting an attorney may seem like the legally “smart” thing to do, it could actually be setting you, your spouse, and any children present, back a number of years. Here’s why:

What’s Best For You May Not Be Best For The Child

When couples reach the decision to file divorce papers against one another, they have a tendency to fight for every last dime or perk that they can get out of the settlement. Such is often the nature of divorce. Husbands and wives are placed into a situation where a “you-against-me” mindset is encouraged. Often there is animosity that fosters feelings of revenge. All of these things may make one feel better to pursue in the immediate future, but they will do little to comfort children, who are having their lives altered forever, especially if they’re the object of the fight.

Now we know that some spouses behave in ways that indicate time around their child is a bad idea. If a parent presents a danger to the child’s physical or mental well-being, then an attorney should definitely be sought. But if you’re both two level-headed, responsible adults, who just don’t see eye-to-eye, then you’re better off working through your differences in mediation.

Online Divorce Can Minimize Hostility And Better Facilitate Negotiations

Seeking an online divorce may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really one of the simplest things that you and your ex can do. Rather than subject children to a prolonged dispute, you’re better off working together to come to a settlement agreement that will be easy on the child, even if it’s not easy on you. walks you through the process with court-approved forms for your state of residence. Our service can give you both everything you need to navigate legal expectations. If there is still some conflict, then you might consider seeking a mediator with experience. It will save you time, money, and sleepless nights, and it will give your child the best opportunity to find a new normal.

Whatever you decide, best of luck!

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