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Divorce AppealsOnline divorce proceedings can help you get a fast, satisfactory, and as-painless-as-possible decision when filing for divorce, but as millions of people discover every day, one cannot always count on the process to go smoothly. When there are clashing personalities at work, you’ll need to know a little more than simply how to file for divorce. You’ll need to know how to fight for what you deserve.

Given the possibilities, it’s important to be aware of the process as a whole, including the matter of the divorce appeals process in the event that things don’t go your way the first time around.



1. Can You Appeal A Divorce? 

Fortunately, the divorce process is like any other legal process in the sense that the law provides you with a voice should you feel that a decision is unjust. In other words, you can appeal any issues that were under dispute throughout the divorce process. Assuming there has been a decree entered after some kind of conflict or adversarial proceeding, there’s no reason you can’t. As with all other civil cases, you’ll generally be given 30 days to take action.

2. What Is Appealed In A Divorce Case? 

In a divorce appeal, people typically focus on things like child custody arrangements, valuation of businesses, amount of spousal support, and amount of child support. Bottom line: if you think you have been the victim of an unfair decision, then it is certainly within your right to appeal it, but these are the most common reasons that you’ll probably want to take that step.

3. What Kind Of Representation Will I Need?

A trial lawyer will be looking at the facts of the case and helping you best pursue an outcome. The appeal is based on the record already made in the trial court. When looking for an appeals lawyer, make sure you work with someone, who is willing to work with the trial lawyers, who represented you. The appeals lawyer will typically try to get your case remanded to the trial court, so that your trial attorney is in the best position to help you argue the original decision.

Ideally, the online divorce process will work to expedite what can be a bitter and painful process. But if you can’t settle things amicably, there is peace of mind in knowing that the law makes provisions. Have you ever appealed a divorce court decision?

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