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Downloading Issues
All of our forms are available to download in PDF format only, please be aware that you will need Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems, which is a free download that is easy to use.  You will not be able to print the files you purchased until Adobe Reader is downloaded and installed. Remember that your forms are accessible with your log in and password, so if you are unable to download Adobe Reader on your computer you may go to the site from a different computer with Adobe Reader and print them there as well. We are also able to mail the forms to you for an additional cost.  If there is an issue with the form you are trying to download, contact customer support at 1-844-604-2860.

Credit Card Billing
On your credit or debit card billing statement, you will see MYDIVORCEPAPERS.COM. listed as the charging company. When MYDIVORCEPAPERS.COM does show up on your bill, it will be for this purchase. If you notice any duplicate charges, wrong amounts, or any other problems, please let us know immediately so that we can get to the bottom of the situation.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is extremely valuable to us. Our Privacy Policy is based upon the same concepts that motivated us to provide the highest quality divorce forms and customer service. We want you to know how we handle your privacy so you can make the best decisions for you when using our products and services. To answer any questions you  might have regarding the privacy of your information. This is a consistently changing document that changes with developments in technology, business, and your needs: Please see our Privacy Policy

Refund Policy (Otherwise known as “MDP”) and related affiiates retains the right to any services charges if the refund policies are not met as outlined below. The person paying for services or using services (Known as “Customer”, “Client” or “You”) agrees to these terms on purchasing of services through MDP. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact us at [email protected].

Please note that once the online interview has been completed services have been rendered. We are unable to process any refunds whatsoever on accounts created over 30 days. Refund requests are individually investigated and approved or denied on a case-by-case basis, please give our team 3-10 business days to process any claims.

If a refund has been processed, our systems will take up to 14 business days to process any claims. Please be advised that your bank may take an additional 24/72 hours for your refund to appear. Our systems are only able to process refunds on the cards originally charged.

MDP is unable to process a refund under any of the following conditions:

- If the customer changes their minds about the services and does not want to continue using services provided by MDP.
- If the customer discovers their spouse has already separately filed for Divorce/Annulment/Legal Separation.
- The Customer has obtained counsel from a friend or other source to not continue using services provided by MDP.
- The Customer has obtained counsel from an attorney, or other legal counsel to not continue using services provided by MDP.
- The customer found a competitor with a different price.
- If the provided documents were denied by the courts, and the customer is unable or unwilling to provide a rejection letter.
- If the Customer’s court case with spouse becomes contested and requires legal aid. MDP only provides services for non-contested divorces, annulments or legal seperations.

MDP does not process refunds for additional services outside of the generation of divorce, legal separation or annulment documents, once those services have been rendered. This includes state changes ($40 USD) Separation Service Changes ($75 USD) Platinum Services ($299 USD) or addon forms (If applicable) provided as an option on customer checkout.

- Account Changes (State Changes, Seperation Service Changes) are services rendered once they have been applied to a customer's account.
- Platinum Service has been considered rendered once MDP have sent court documents to customers chosen local court and a case number was provided.
- Addon Forms have been rendered once they have been applied to a customer's account, and are available to download.

MDP will be unable to issue any refunds unless the following conditions are met. Please note that if the courts deny the documents for any reason, we are able to make the needed changes free of charge as part of our services.

- The courts have denied documents due to an error by MDP and edits to rectify are not possible. And the client is able to submit a rejection letter from the courts.
- The courts have denied documents due to an error by the customer from inaccurate data during the online interview process and edits to rectify are not possible. And the client is able to submit a rejection letter from the courts.
- The courts have denied all documents due to state laws or local requirements regarding state provided forms, making edits to rectify impossible.

Due to state laws changing often, we ask all customers to submit any formal request within 15 (fifteen) business days of rejection.

The rejection forms distributed by the court in your state for an uncontested, no-fault divorce, annulment or legal separation must be submitted within 15 (fifteen) business days via US mail or scanned and sent via email. All customer refund request will be denied if they do not meet the above terms. To send us proof of rejection, we can be contacted below:

Email: [email protected]
Should you choose to make any corrections prior to speaking with our customer support team we are unable to issue a refund

Information Collection
Your information will not be sold to a third party. The information that we have collected from you may be used to contact you in the future by mail, e-mail, or phone to convey information about our services that we feel may benefit you. 

We go to great lengths to protect your information as a customer. We keep your sensitive information secure both online and offline. We use advanced encryption methods on the cutting edge of technology, namely Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, to keep all your information safe. We are also certified by McAfee and proudly beat the trust seal of security on our site. McAfee scans the site daily for hacker vulnerabilities and assists us in making sure that the data is 100% secure. Additionally, the site is encrypted with a 256 bit Secure certificate issued by Starfield. 

Links to other sites
Because outside sites are not under our control, we cannot be held accountable or responsible for the way in which they conduct business. We may reference other sites, but venturing to any other site automatically effectively ends coverage through the Privacy Policy.


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