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A brief overview of what we provide, why, and what it means for you. specializes in helping people get a divorce online.  Simply put, we are an online divorce preparation service. Our primary goal is to provide you inexpensive and accurate divorce documents to anyone obtain a divorce in their state.   Every state has a different set of rules when it comes to obtaining a divorce. online question and answer process is designed to take all of the guess work out of obtaining a divorce.  It is designed to take the answers to the questions we present to you, select the right forms that the court needs to see, fill out those divorce forms for you and prepare a complete divorce package ready to serve.  We believe that everyone is entitled to quick and simple solution.  If you made the choice to get a divorce, then our team is ready and willing to help you through the process.  We believe everyone should be able to pursue his or her life choices, without the interference of legal red tape.



We have been helping people get a divorce since 2002.  As one of the web's longest running web sites specializing in divorce form preparation, we know what is needed to help you get through the process fast and with as little pain as possible.  Our legal team is constantly working to make sure your documents are up to date.   Regardless of your specific circumstances, with our service, you will be able to get the forms you need quickly and easily.  You can rest assured that the forms will be completed accurately.   All you have to do is appear in court or mail the completed forms to the court.  Yes, we even help you select the right court to use to file for a divorce. 

When going through a divorce, everything in of your life, such as property, children, bank accounts, and other areas, need to be divided.  If you and your spouse can agree to terms, we can help you get through the process.  When both spouses have similar ideas of what is expected from the divorce, negotiating what that actually looks like is a far easier process than most people think. 

The divorce process does not need to be as complicated or costly. At, our company has created a streamlined process to help you get the most straightforward divorce possible with your circumstances, without breaking the bank as well. No one should be made to wait longer than they need to when they are seeking a divorce, and together with our clear and simple instructions, along with a bit of effort, practically anyone can get an uncontested, no fault divorce online. Chances are that both you and your spouse would rather split what has been accumulated during your marriage between the two of you, rather than spend that money on unnecessary attorney fees, and will allow you to do just that.

Our company is here to make your life easier to manage and to help you begin your new start. Find out if you qualify for the fastest, most inexpensive, and convenient divorce possible by taking a few minutes to fill out or questionnaire right now.



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  • 1. Create an account:

    Simply register online, pay the small fee, gather your papers and ready to get a divorce.

  • 2. Answer the Questions:

    Answer each of the questions we will ask you and the forms will be completed for you.

  • 3. File the Documents:

    Print our state approved completed forms, and file the divorce forms in the court.

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  • All State Approved Forms
  • Help Starting Over
  • Marriage Settlement Agreement
  • Court Approved Forms
  • Simple Divorce Interview
  • Forms Completed online
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

"The process seems professional and not as painful as I thought it would be."

Gina from Lexington, Kentucky
Sep 20, 2013
5.0 out of 5.0
5.0 out of 5.0
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"So far very easy and efficient."

John from Beavercreek, Ohio
May 7, 2014
5.0 out of 5.0
5.0 out of 5.0
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