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"I was surprised of the amount of paper work that had to be done, yet it was simplified for the user by simply asking questions. I also love the fact that I can check, correct and recheck my papers before it is finalized. I am anticipating a smooth remaining of the process. "

Philip, Kansas Cty, Missouri
Sep 28, 2017

"Thank you for your service. It was a bit difficult to file because i am very busy but onc i began doing it with some time i got it done. Thank you for your help. "

Margarite, Beachwood, New Jersey
Sep 25, 2017

"I had no idea where to start when I was kicked out by my husband. I heard about this website and decided to give it a try. It took me a while to fill out the questions, as my husband wanted to reconcile. We did for a while and then realized it was toxic to stay married to each other."

June, Phoenix, Arizona
Sep 21, 2017

"Very easy to understand and complete. "

Victor, St George, Utah
Sep 21, 2017

"So far, this has been quick and direct. Much easier than how I started, by going on the state websites. Hoping to complete the process quickly."

Rose, Watertown, Massachusetts
Sep 20, 2017

"Well you guys are very to the point. And very on key with every form you have someone sign."

Christopher, Vista, California
Sep 11, 2017

"So far... utilizing this service and this process has been quite convenient.
The form is simple and easy to understand.
You are able to complete it at your own pace and in peace.
It is also easy to edit things as needed!

Thanks MyDivorcePapers.com"

Robert, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Sep 11, 2017

"User friendly service you can do when you have time."

Jodie, Woodstock, Georgia
Sep 6, 2017

"Fast,easy and thorough!"

Heidi, Newburgh, New York
Sep 4, 2017

"I can only give my testimony once my divorce is granted."

Fritz, Park Forest, Illinois
Sep 3, 2017

"Very through service"

Cheryl, Frazier Park, California
Sep 2, 2017

"The process was self-explanatory and thorough. It brought of things that I had not thought of and I am grateful it was covered in my annulment.
C. Robinson"

Casondra, Conway, Arkansas
Sep 1, 2017

"MyDivorcePapers has been an easy and pleasant process for my divorce. My ex and I are finalizing everything after several years of separation and wanted to do it simply and MyDivorcePapers has made it simple and affordable for us."

Christine, Stillwater, New York
Aug 26, 2017

"It is a easy software to prepare divorce document just follow the question/answer. I like it!!!"

Debora, Brandon, Florida
Aug 18, 2017

"When completion of my annulment granted I will be a free woman. No communication with this man of none after it is granted."

Mary, New Boston, Texas
Aug 18, 2017

"So far so good.."

Andrea, La Habra, California
Aug 14, 2017

"So far its been a relief"

Richard, Sherman Oaks, California
Aug 14, 2017

"Simple and fast. What could be better."

Dawn, Roseburg, Oregon
Aug 13, 2017

"So far it has been really easy and helpful for getting through all the tough things that I never knew occurred in divorce. "

Mark, Acworth, Georgia
Jul 23, 2017

"Pretty simple process."

Christie, San Antonio, Texas
Jul 18, 2017

"My Divorce Papers is fast and easy to use and much cheaper than hiring someone to do the work for you."

Gianone, Santa Barbara, California
Jul 18, 2017

"I will share about your service at the end of my divorce."

Alex, San Fernando, California
Jul 17, 2017

"It was easy and quick. No point in paying astronomical attorney fees if you and spouse are able to agree on things."

Christina, Va Beach, Virginia
Jul 13, 2017

" Very easy to follow and thorough process "

Susan, Rio Linda, California
Jul 8, 2017

"I thank you for the easy access and easy filing"

Charmaine, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Jul 3, 2017

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